Vicki Lavallee

Vicki Lavallee
Waabishki Mashkodo-Bizhiki Ikwewi

Healthy Homes Manager

ᒥᓄᒦᑭᓇᐱᒧᓭᐃᓂᓂ Healing Program Lead

Mino Mikiina Bimose Inini (Men Walking the Red Road Healing Program)

Vicki is an Anishinaabe woman who has worked in the helping field for over 15 years, combining her cultural teachings and ceremonies with support and counselling work.  She graduated with honors from the Addiction and Community Services Worker Program offered at CDI College in 2009. In 2010 Vicki returned to CDI College to become an instructor of the Addiction and Community Services Worker Program, teaching what knowledge she had learned as a student and adding her own knowledge as a Anishinaabe women. Vicki’s passion has been supporting and working with individuals who have mental health challenges, addiction, and who have struggled with homelessness. She has worked in an accepting, supportive and non-judgmental way with people of a variety of cultures, ethnic groups, and genders, learning from her clients and building an understanding of others and their specific needs. Vicki began with FPS as a member of the Indigenous Traditional Healing team and a Community Integration Manager and soon transitioned to the Healthy Homes, eventually stepping into the role of Healthy House Manager. This opportunity was a perfect fit for Vicki as she has extensive experience working in a residential setting and helping clients work toward independent living. Vicki continues to be an important mentor, teacher and healer as part of the Indigenous Traditional Healing team.

Practice Areas

  • Healthy Homes
  • Community Support