Shosana Funk, M.A.

Shosana Funk, M.A.

Program Manager

FPS Therapy & Support Services

Shosana Funk, Program Manager, FPS Therapy & Support Services, came to FPS after several years of volunteering and working as a program assistant with Circles of Support and Accountability. She obtained her BA in Conflict Resolutions Studies from the University of Winnipeg in 2007 and her Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis & Engagement from Antioch University McGregor in 2010. Shosana believes in the benefits of a holistic, person centered and therapeutic approach for high need individuals and those presenting with vulnerabilities related to risk. She is excited to work within a model, where she has the opportunity to bring her passion for social justice and compassionate nature into her work. She particularly enjoys working with females and as a female, work intensively with males who have a history of violence against women. Shosana joined the FPS team of Community Integration Managers in 2007, moved into the role of Senior Community Integration Manager in 2012 and transitioned to Program Manager in 2019.

Practice Areas

  • Community Support
  • Indigenous Spiritual Healing
  • Healthy Homes