Joy Siemens

Joy Siemens
Waazakone Migizi Ikwe

Community Integration Manager

ᒥᓄᒦᑭᓇᐱᒧᓭᐃᓂᓂ Healing Program Spiritual Helper

Mino Mikiina Bimose Inini (Men Walking the Red Road Healing Program)

Joy Siemens has 15 years experience supporting marginalized people including women and youth, primarily within the child welfare and criminal justice system, as well as supporting people with addictions. As a second intergenerational survivor Joy has a strong understanding of residential school effects and traumas that relate to domestic violence within families, cycles of addiction, and mental health issues. She is passionate about assisting and advocating for individuals who are systemically oppressed using a traditional approach. In her spare time Joy loves to cook and garden in her backyard.

Practice Areas

  • Community Support