Ashley Pankiw

Ashley Pankiw
Zongaadizi Mukwa Ikwe

Community Integration Manager

ᒥᓄᒦᑭᓇᐱᒧᓭᐃᓂᓂ Healing Program Coordinator

Mino Mikiina Bimose Inini (Men Walking the Red Road Healing Program)

Ashley’s grassroots work experience combined with her educational background have resulted in a strong understanding of issues related to deep-rooted trauma, the impacts of stigma and the consequences of normalization of violence in vulnerable communities. Ashley has long had a passion for working alongside individuals struggling with mental health, addictions, poverty and marginalization. She is committed to working with individuals who have been in conflict with the law and has found her true passion in supporting individuals transition from institutions back into the community in a healthy and safe way. As a member of the Indigenous Traditional Healing team and a Community Integration Manager, Ashley prides herself in helping and supporting others in their healing journey and is inspired by the resilience and strength of the individuals she works with. Ashley currently serves on the Board of Directors for the North End Community Renewal Corporation and has previously served on the Re-Integration & Homelessness Project- Action Group.

Practice Areas

  • Community Support
  • Indigenous Spiritual Healing